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The online portfolio of Jeff Kesselman (Cyberqat)
BS in Image Generation
MS in Emergent Media
Mfa in Digital Entertainment
 (Mfa ABT, projected completion Spring 2021)

Game Developer


In addition to a 25 year industry career, I also have extensive experience in undergraduate and graduate education.


I hold a BS in Computer Image Generation,  An MS in Emergent Media, and am ABT on an Mfa in Digital Entertainbment 



Full Time Faculty

Intro to the Game Production Process
Critical Game Analysis

Immersive Media  (AR/VR)

Hardware Intrfacing
Artificial Intelligence for Games

Game Engine Design

Advanced Technical Game Development

Advised Capstone and Graduate Thesis Projects
Facilitating Keyboard Use While Wearing a Head-Mounted Display
Student Work | World Wizards: Developing a VR World Building Application | ID: bk128c29h | Digital WPI
Implementing Non-Player Characters in World Wizards


Taught and consulted on program redesign

Artificial Intelligence for Games


Consulted on course redesign and taught full course load

Introduction to Videogame Hardware
2D Game Development
3D Game Development


MFA Thesis
Virtual Dungeons

Blazor based server
Unity3D WebGL based design tools
Unity3D Android (quest) player
Art creation with Character Creator3, Artbreeder, Unity3D Editor, Maya and Photoshop
In progress at FAU, 1 semester remaining, 4.0 Cum Avg

Contributors: Jeffrey Kessleman, Ledis Molina, Richie Christian
Advisor Christopher Maraffi, Phd
Readers: Joey Bargsten

Game Designs



A card game about privilege and economics







An experimental cross platform UI System in C#.  Tested on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, IOS and WebGL (JSIL)



An example 3D scenegraph in C++
created for a guest lecture at Champlain


A show reel of small projects

Other Digital Art Projects


A video of a programmatic peice that decomposes images into their component shapes and animates them.  (see pdf for more info)

The first 12 minutes of an impressionist video project illustrating an original story in the late Victorian style of H P Lovecraft

An attempt to capture childlike



Physical Computing

A Raspberry PI based installation about human inattention and change blindness.  The skelleton changes position when no one is looking at it.


Project documentation on OneDrive



A Fateful Meeting

An experiment in non-linear story telling.

Increasing Enthusiasm and Enhancing Learning for Biochemistry-Laboratory Safety with an Augmented-Reality Program - Journal of Chemistry Education



Java Platform Performance

Chapter 7:  LAN networking for Java games

Practical Java Game Programming

A poem of academic interest inspired by the movie Jurassic Park

The Maven

"It is very rare in my academic or professional career where I have called
someone a genius. Jeff is one of the very few for whom I maintain that word."

NIcholas Fortugno
CCO PLaymatics LLC

Prof. Game Design at Parsons The New School for design

"As a professor, Jeffrey worked closely with the other faculty members in preparing materails for his courses.  I have visited his class and have been impressed by his effectiveness with our students,  His lectures are well planned and thorough and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the material are obvious."

Dean Nicholas Bertozzi
Dept of Engineering
Daniel Webster University

"Jeff came to us at Blue Fang to lead the technical side of transforming our 10 year old traditional game company into a modern online game company.  

He designed the entire online stack for what was intended to be an online destination site and then turned on a dime to repurpose the design as a massively multiplayer facebook game.  Our first such game, Zoo Kingdom, shortly after launch was the second fastestgrowing game on Facebook.

The systens Jeff designed and managed the construction of behaved flawlessly under exceptional usage and were more secure then those of our number one competitor. (Zynga.)"

Hank Howie

VP of Worldwide Development

Disruptor Beam

"Jeff was one of the best Lecturers I've had at Northeastern. Even after class had ended he would stay in class to answer any questions I had. He was a wealth of knowledge in any aspect of Computer Science. I would Recommend any class that he teaches regardless of the topic."

Zachary Fand
Semior Engineer Zynga

My Students' Projects

Space Escape
A well polished and clever Atari2600 style action-puzzle game.

Created by IMGD 1001 students in 6 weeks



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